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22 December 2009 @ 04:52 pm
Tutorial feat. Noel Fielding  
Yep, the moment you've all been waiting for; a Photoshop tutorial.

Alright, it's not exactly Photoshop, it's Paint Shop Pro, but you get the idea. =P Should work on most programs.

We'll be going from this and this to this.

1. Obviously the first thing you need to do is find images. I prefer working with dark images, so I chose two pictures of Noel Fielding (here and here).
Next I placed them on my canvas (1024x768, black background) and set both of them to Lighten (this lets you see both pictures even when they‘re overlapping). However, I didn’t like that they were both at the exact same angle, so I rotated them in different directions and resized the second picture so it was smaller, and then placed it in a position that looked decent.

I ended up with THIS.  

2. Now for the blending. I took a smooth round brush and painted over the areas on each picture that I didn’t want to show (such as Noel’s elbow on the first picture and his shoulder on the second picture). Now it looked like THIS.

3. The backgrounds on the images were dark, but not quite black. To fix this, I added a Curves layer, which upped the contrast as well as fixing the background. 1st point: Input 52 Output 21 2nd point: Input 180 Output 188 Depending on what images you use, you may or may not need this step.

THIS is what it looked like.

4. I Merged All Layers, in case things got messy with the colouring.

5. Next was figuring out a colouring. 99% of what I do for colouring is the product of experimentation, the other 1% I get from tutorials. (For this particular wallpaper, I experimented, and the result turned out rather nice).
Colour Fill Layer: #ffc5c5 at Soft Light 100%
Colour Fill Layer: #fff1c5 at Soft Light 100%
These two layers brightened up the image, and while it looked terrible, I fixed it with another Colour Fill layer: #529ada at Colour Burn 100%.
Colour Fill Layer: #262626 at Exclusion 60%. I actually added this layer in later, as it helped neutralise some of the effects of the next few layers.
Channel Mixer:
Red: 171, -73, 0
Green: -26, 100, 24
Blue: -58, 85, 60
This brightened the reds and cyans. On its own, Channel Mixer can be a bit harsh, but with other layers it can have really lovely effects.
The reds and cyans were a bit too bright, so I added a Curves layer.
1st point: Input 55 Output 72
2nd point: Input 107 Output 115
3rd point: Input 255 Output 225
1st point: Input 122 Output 114
2nd point: Input 206 Output 185
Colour Fill Layer: #402a00 at Difference 62% This gave it a blue tint instead of a brown tint. Then I duplicated the base and dragged it all the way to the top, and set it to Luminance 100%. This returned the original contrast, but kept the colours. The colours were a bit dull after that, so I added a Hue/Saturation/Lightness layer.
Master: Saturation: 23

(This specific colouring may not work on every image, but if you use it as a guideline, you should be able to come up with something very similar.)

After the colouring, it looked like THIS

5. With the colouring done, I Merged All Layers and duplicated it. I sharpened the duplicate and set it to Normal 84%.

6. Next I added text. Using the font ‘Porcelain,’ I wrote Noel’s name, and duplicated the layer twice. The first duplicate, I went to Blur > Motion Blur and put in the following settings: Angle: 90 Strength: 29 On the second duplicate, I went to Blur > Motion Blur and put in Angle: 270 Strength: 29 I merged these two layers, sharpened them, and moved the layer underneath the original text layer. Then I put a black drop shadow on the original text layer so it was more visible. After all that it looked like THIS.

7. For one last effect, I made a new layer, set it to Lighten, and painted a round spot of dark grey over Noel for an interesting lighting effect.

The finished product

So that’s essentially how I go about making my graphics. ^ ^ Comments, questions, and your results are cherished. xo
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